The power of images within a range of tailored services

Stunning pictures to enhance your properties and sell them faster

MeeroBooking© : Photographers are available everywhere* within 24 hours.
MeeroCapture© : Professional standardized photoshoots.
MeeroEnlight© : An exclusive image optimization technology.
Manage your photos and videos in your personal Meero account.

Virtual tours
panoramas 360°

A complete immersion for your clients

MeeroBooking© : 360° VR photographers available within 24 hours.
MeeroCapture© : Professional 360° VR photoshoots.
MeeroEnlight© : An exclusive processing and optimization technology for 360 ° VR shootings.
Providing 360° VR images in your customer area, in the form of a single link, hosted for free by Meero.


Professional videos for more sales

MeeroBooking© : Professional video makers.
MeeroCapture© : Standardized video shootings.
MeeroMove© : Creation of short and efficient videos.
Videoclips available on your profile, as a link and a high resolution video file.


Enhance your properties with Meero's drones !

Aerial photography
Aerial video

Home Staging

Revamp, decorate, furnish! Inspire,
this is the magic of 3D

Change empty rooms or the ones to renovate into inspiring and organized areas.
Inspire future buyers with a unique picture at the beginning of your ad. Increase the number of contacts.
3D Home Staging available for your convenience.

3D showcase

The ultimate visit experience

Dive into the no limit "Total immersive" experience.
Visualize your property in 3D and imagine the possibilities.
Innovative! A 3D plan display for a global vision.